maandag 6 oktober 2008


It's a long time since I've posted something here...
watch out this one's gonna be a long one :P

Jan turned 50 on September 23 and he always said he would be on vacation on his birthday:P
and we were... we went to one of the Wadden Islands; Ameland.
it's a Dutch island and it's very beautiful.
here are some pictures so you can all see how it looks like!

Our first night on the beach

the lighthouse from Ameland

a view from the lighthouse

if you take a good look, you'll see the deer grazing;)

from one side of the island

very various views

in a museum we saw these clogs, they are found on the beach

On Jan's Birthday we went for a seals tour, the weather wasn't that good, but we went anyway... it was great... we saw a lot of seals and we got fresh shrimps from a shrimp fisherman

For Jan's Birthday we got a breakfast from his youngest brother and his wife:D

this was on the other side of the island:

We also have a picture with both of us on it :P:P:P

these are pictures of the last day, before we went home

We had a fantastic vacation, think we'll go back sometimes

thanks for looking, don't forget to leave a message :)
Hugs Anja
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