dinsdag 18 november 2008

Cards at the Castle - Christmascards

On Saturday November 15th I've been to Doorn for a workshopday from Paper and Pictures It was fantastic ;)
I met Linda (lindaflens from Royal Lemon MB) before we started and we enjoyed our day together!!
We've got 5 workshops, they were all different and totally awesome!
I will show you the pictures from the cards I've made!

First we had a workshop from Paulien, she made a great distress card

The second workshop was from Marije and Jeanet (Who was ill that day and whom we missed very much),they made a name card, a menu card and a Christmas card, all black and white.

Next workshop was from Jolan she made a Christmas card, made of coasters, you can hang on your wall.
It isn't finished yet, but I'll show it so you can see what it is.

Then it was Lea and moon 's time!!!
We made a cute little box with gift tags.
A picture from the front:

one from the side:

and a view from the inside of the box :D

And last but not least we had a workshop from Tiets, she made a sketch (of course :P) and made the card with some gorgeous paper and a Magnolia stamp.

and of course we had the opportunity to shop :P:P:P
This is what I bought :D
The most cute paper from My Minds Eye

Beautiful paper from Rusty Pickle

Some other cool stuff

and of course, lots of ribbons :P

It was a great day... can't wait till the next Cards at the Castle is coming :)

Thanks for looking and don't forget to leave a message!!
Hugs Anja
Be smart, make art.