vrijdag 8 mei 2009

It's been a while...

since my last post..
So let's show you some creative things I've made :D

First I want to show you the fantastic things I've made last Sunday...
it was Royal Fiësta IV from the Royal Lemon MB, that's a Dutch MB ;)
The Royal Ladies are AMAZING... they always find new stuff for us to make :D

We started with a mini album (at 10 AM)
here's what I've made on Sunday

Although I was sick the whole week,
I had to make a mini album for Thimo... today's his first birthday:)
Yesterday I made this one for him...

the next thing was a scraplift
we had to use pictures with a very rare size...

I love this one... think I'm gonna make more :P

after the scraplift we could make the cardset...

very clean and simple... but beautiful (even if I have to say it myself :P)

My next project wasn't a success...
but when I'm better I give it another try :)

At least we could make a sketch (at 10 PM),
but I was feeling sooo bad... I had to go to bed :(
I will make that next week!

Funny things about the Royal Fiësta are photo assignments...
first we had to take pictures of our feet :P
then what we where supposed to eat or snack that day (I didn't eat or snack anything that day, was to sick to eat :(, but it was a picture of something I would have liked to eat that day!)
then we had to take a picture of ourselves, holding 3 orange items,
the next picture had to be one of our own head with a sticker on it...
and the last one had to be a photo of all the things you had done today...
so all the scrap items you've made today :)
Here are my photo's... don't laugh :D

and here's what I've made on Sunday from 10 AM till 10 PM

now I have to go to bed...
try to post more later...

Thanks for stopping by...
don't forget to leave a message :)

Hugs Anja
Be smart, make art.

2 opmerkingen:

Jennifer zei

Wow you have been busy! Love all the projects you made.

scrap4fun zei

great works there Anja.hope you feel better soon!!

Have a nice weekend,